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Public Transport Personalities in Malaysia

Almost unlike any Malaysian I know, I don’t drive. Why, you ask? Well, blame it on the insane traffic, a gazillion motorcyclists, people who abuse “the power of the hand”, and oh let’s not forget, I enjoyed getting spoiled by the New York subway for the past few years.

I take public transport everyday everywhere. Regardless if it’s by train, bus, Uber or a regular taxi – I’ve taken them all. Taking public transport everyday in this country is no easy feat especially when you’re faced with what I’d like to call “public transport personalities in Malaysia” a.k.a the most annoying strangers you’ll ever meet.

Let’s start with…

1) People who crowd the doors of the train at the station trying to get inside the train

These are the people who try to barge in when clearly they’re people in the train waiting to get out. Um, hello?! How are you going to get in if they don’t get out? Insert my favorite quote: Common sense is not that common after all.

2) People who crowd the doors when they’re inside the train (even though they’re not getting out at the next stop)

This is probably worse than personality #1 because I simply don’t understand the logic behind this. It’s as if they’re allergic to the spaces facing the seats and choose to stand right smack in the middle of the train. They don’t budge when people are trying to get out or in and you practically have to yell “EXCUSE ME!!!” ten times before they finally move… an inch.

3) Queue-cutters

It’s funny how people who cut lines have the thickest skin. They pretend to be oblivious there’s a line and when they get called out, they immediately turn into award-winning actors. “Oh, there’s a line? Sorry I didn’t know.” Oh yes, you did know, but you’re blinded by your selfishness. If anyone cuts your line, I beg you to do us all a favor – SPEAK UP.

4) Cab drivers who ask for directions and get frustrated when you don’t know

I have no problems with cab drivers asking for directions – after all, I certainly don’t expect them to have the entire map memorized in their heads. But the ones who start sighing or mumbling under their breaths when I tell them I’m not familiar with the place? Look, if you were visiting a foreign country for the first time and didn’t know where to go, you’d be looking at your cab driver like he’s the moron. So get off your high horse and do what you’re paid to do – DRIVE!

5) Cab drivers who drive like maniacs – inclusive but not limited to incessant braking, speeding, putting their phone conversation on speaker etc.

First, we’re not in the set of Fast and Furious. And let’s face it – no matter how quickly you drive, that’s not going to help reduce the number of the cars on the road. I don’t understand the need for speed especially when getting stuck in an ant crawl is almost always inevitable. One more emergency brake, and I’m going to have a real emergency in the back seat, and I promise you it won’t be rainbows and butterflies.

And for drivers who have their conversations on speaker, I get it. You’re bored out of your bleeping minds. Here’s a newsflash: listening to an insignificant conversation between two full grown adults is comparable to having the Kardashians on TV when you’re trying to sleep – loud, annoying and COMPLETELY UNNECESSARY.

I have no qualms taking public transport but let’s not try to kill each other while we’re at it, okay?

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An Inside Look At #VoiceInMyHead

April 24, 2015 will forever be one of the most important dates in my life.

In case you don’t already know (which is shocking I may add considering my incessant social media spam #sorrynotsorry), my first book has been published! It’s currently available at the Kuala Lumpur International Book Fair at PTWC, KL from April 24 – May 4. I’ll be hosting my very first book signing on May 2nd, from 3PM-4PM, so if you’d like to grab a signed copy, shake my hands, or take a selfie with me, be there and thou will be rewarded with all of the above AND brownies!

So many people have been asking me the following questions since I announced the news to public a.k.a my news feed:

1) OMG! You wrote a book?! When did this happen?

2) OMG! You wrote a book?! What did you write about?

3) OMG! You wrote a book?! When did this happen and what did you write about?

I guess this post will address all three questions, and then some.

The start of #VoiceInMyHead 

After graduation last year, I returned to Malaysia determined to take my time to look for the perfect job. While I was bumming around, I saw an ad seeking for the best manuscript in Malaysia. The criteria? At least 30,000 words to be completed and submitted by August 5, which gave me a little over a month. The prize? Two thousand bucks, which isn’t a whole load to some but was significant to me as I needed money to fund my trip to Bali for my best friend’s wedding. In some way, I guess you can say my best friend’s wedding encouraged me to tap into my very rusty writing skills so, thank you Mel, I owe you one!

The process of #VoiceInMyHead 

I’ve never seen myself as a writer and it’s still really weird when people refer to me as an author. All I know is I express myself better via words, and I have a crazy vivid imagination. I can conjure random stories and character in my head at any given time of the day.

#VoiceInMyHead came to me while I was in the shower. Tessa (the main female character) just popped into my mind, and I was unable to shrug her off so I decided to center my novel around her. Once I started writing about Tessa, the first few chapters of the story just flowed effortlessly. Developing her character felt so natural to me – so much so it only took me two nights to complete the first eight chapters.

And then, writer’s block struck. I could only discuss the plot with the one person who was patient enough to listen to my story inside out: my dad. I remember asking him for suggestions while he was trying to take a nap (I can be severely annoying, I know) and surprisingly, for someone who doesn’t even read fiction, he gave some brilliant ideas. So if you find the book amazing, credit goes to the best dad ever!

So what’s #VoiceInMyHead about? 

First, it’s fiction. Second, it’s chick literature.

I’m a huge fan of chick lit, and while some people may think it’s mindless reading, well that’s exactly the whole point of chick literature, isn’t it? To make you laugh or sometimes cry, to make you imagine, to help you escape from everyday life, and most importantly, to dream.

I’m not going to give too much of the plot away, but in short, Tessa can pick up only negative thoughts from people around her. Due to her “superpower,” she stays away from building relationships because she knows people’s intentions aren’t always genuine. Until she meets Aran, the man she didn’t think she’d fall for, the man she didn’t think would change her life forever…

I always thought if I ever wrote a book, it’ll be based on some parts of my life. Surprisingly, for #VoiceInMyHead, I was only inspired by one thing in particular: today’s society. Moral of the story? Never ever allow anyone to tell you who you should or shouldn’t be.

How did #VoiceInMyHead get published? 

For this, I gotta thank my super cool publishers Terfaktab Media for approaching me. I didn’t win the contest but I got a pretty sweet publishing deal instead! Terfaktab Media, being one of the judges for the contest, emailed me sometime in November last year, and basically said, “Hey, we dig your manuscript. We want to publish it. Thoughts?”

We met up briefly, discussed details of the contract, and boom! They got to work. These fellas, they’re efficient! A few months later, here we are – at the launch of the book, and my book signing in A WEEK’S TIME.

Who would’ve thought? Certainly not me.

I’m filled with so many emotions – blessed to be given this opportunity, touched from all the support and love I’ve received from family, friends, acquaintances, readers I don’t know who have purchased my book, disbelief because I can’t believe this is actually happening!!!

With that, I hope to see all of you reading this on May 2nd at PWTC from 3PM-4PM! I’m excited to meet my readers, and I’d love to hear what you think of the book! It would also mean the world to me if you sent me a picture of yourself and the book if you’ve purchased one. Even better, if you’re into social media, post your pic, hashtag #VoiceInMyHead and I’ll repost it. Deal?

See you next week! xxx

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How To Make The Most Of Your Time (Without A Schedule)

When I renewed my domain last year, I had every intention to keep this blog alive. Heck, I made a promise to myself I’d blog twice every week.

Last week, I posted a Facebook status regarding the most exciting thing to happened to me in 2015 (hold that thought, I’ll elaborate more next week, I promise!) and someone commented, “How do you find time to do all these amazing stuff?”

I gave it some thought and decided to write about it because I know almost everyone (including myself) battle time management issues. I could be like every other self-help book and suggest to plan your days ahead or come up with a detailed schedule but let’s be real, who really has time for all that?

Anyway. Here goes!

How to make the most of your time

1. Say no to social engagements if you’ve even let one thought about canceling/rescheduling cross your mind

Someone smart once told me, “If you think about it, that’s it. Follow that thought.” She was right. The night before one of my dreadful college classes, I considered skipping it. True enough, I woke up the next morning, turned off my alarm and mumbled, “Well, I wasn’t going to go anyway.”

Now, I’m certainly not suggesting you skip work entirely (because you will get fired) but the rule applies to social engagements. I always feel obligated to attend everything someone has invited me to. Truth: I don’t even want to go to 80% of these events. As if my day isn’t long enough, the thought of small talk is enough to put me to bed. Now, instead of feeling guilty and pumping myself to go (which btw is very energy-consuming), I just don’t. Sure, sometimes I miss out on all the fun, but I’d rather have 8 hours of deep slumber so I can increase productivity the next day.

2. Stay away from social media

I used to be obsessed with over sharing. I was that Asian girl who took a picture of my meals, my #ootds, my friends, and I would spam it all over Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Just scrolling through my Facebook feed in 2012 makes me want to slap myself. HARD. While I still take pictures to commemorate special occasions, I only select a handful of pictures I’d like to post. I also stopped tweeting because after a while, it kinda felt like I was talking to myself but no one was listening. I’m proud to say I love how my feed (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) looks like now!

While checking social media and posting updates are still required for my job, I try to do it during working hours. When I’m at home, I’m still guilty of being overly attached to my phone – but it’s mostly for communicating with my family and friends who aren’t living in Klang Valley. Scrolling on Instagram, mass liking, or reading people’s statuses on Facebook not only wastes my time, but my brain cells too. I’d rather read a book any day, thank you very much!

3. Don’t have a television at home

I never noticed how much time I wasted watching TV until I didn’t have one. I had one all throughout high school and college, and when I didn’t plan to do anything in particular, I just turned it on and let myself slip into a daze… before I know it, I’d fall asleep with the TV on. That’s like 10 hours in a day gone down the drain!

I know nowadays everyone can stream a video on the Internet, which is fine because I believe that actually requires a conscious effort to search for whatever you’re looking for. And if you’re taking the time to search for a video, then fine, watch it. The key here is not to deprive yourself, but to make sure you don’t waste time watching something you didn’t even want to in the first place anyway.

Youtube is super dangerous because it leads you to the next video.. and the next video.. Trust me, I’ve been a victim of too many addictive but useless Buzzfeed videos. I’m very familiar with Youtube’s sneaky trap! If you really must have music while you work, pick one with just lyrics on it. That way, you won’t feel inclined to watch it when it’s just a bunch of words. If you really must watch stupid videos at least 5 minutes a day, just click on the first three that has gone viral on your Facebook feed. If you have no self control at all, please ask an administrator or something to block all your social media platforms – you’re going to need professional help.

I know this list isn’t for everyone, but if you are like me, and can’t say no to exciting work projects, you’re going to need a WHOLE lot of time to complete these projects, maintain your personal relationships, and include a tiny bit of “me” time so you don’t go insane.

Hope this helps! Coming up… I’ll be writing on how I wrote a book, why it got published and HOW IT’S IN STORES NOW!

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Twenty Five

Note: I turned 25 last week! Thought I’d celebrate by doing something different this year – here’s to penning a note to my future 35yo self. Recording this online so I can read it ten years from now.. (but here’s to hoping the internet isn’t extinct by then! Or WordPress!)

Dear 35-year-old Lils,

Wait. Do people still call you Lils? In case you’re referred to now as Auntie, or Mom, or just plain ol’ Lilian – ten years ago, you were just known as Lils.

Anyway. Where do I start? Right, let’s talk about turning 25 because as you write this, you would’ve been 25 and a week old. 2014, like all years, had its ups and downs – the only difference being you actually feel settled, y’know, the kind of settled where you’re finally living in the present and you’ve stopped making plans for the future. You don’t ask yourself, “Is this where you want to be?” because there’s nothing left to ask.

Let’s recap – you started this year by interning with Stella McCartney and trekking through the polar vortex just to get to work. You lived through bed bugs. You graduated with an associates in fashion merchandising in your dream school – Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. You lived in the Big Apple for another year… and survived. You also survived almost a year of long distance with your boyfriend (we’ll talk more about that in a bit). You took up a consulting project for the biggest casino in the country about the local entertainment ecosystem and you loved it every bit of it, even if it meant spending a lot of nights (and money!) attending live music gigs for three months. You also attempted to write your first short story and after a month of sheer determination, you completed the 35, 000-word novel. It was for a local contest but you didn’t win despite high hopes. However, a publishing company contacted you and as you write this, you’re in the middle of publishing said book.

That wasn’t what you came back to Malaysia for though. You told yourself you wanted a career in fashion and after months of searching for the right job, it finally came to you instead. You’re now the Fashion & Marketing Maven at a start up called Rent A Dress. You spend way too much time obsessing over work but hey, go hard or go home right? Three months have flew by and while you’ve given up an “easier” life to work harder, you’re finally taking the road less traveled – the road you’ve always wanted, the road you knew you’re capable of walking – and crossing the finish line!

On a personal level, you were the maid of honor for your best friend Melissa’s wedding. Both of you have been best friends since 4 so you best be the godmother to her children by now. You’re also reaching the 2-year mark with K – he’s fast proving himself to be the best man for you… and for Chuubs, a 3-year-old Shih Tzu who walked into your home one day in November and has since been adopted by K and yourself. You’re still in close contact with all your closest friends and you couldn’t be happier. In fact, you spent your 25th just chilling out with a few of your closest friends, your man and your pup. Sometimes, the simplest things in life are what makes you the happiest. The only regret you probably have in 2014 is not spending enough time with the family. Don’t worry, you’ll change that next year… you better!

So where does 25yo Lils sees herself in ten years? Well, I hope Rent A Dress has taken off and you’ve contributed significantly to it. I don’t know if you’ll still be as in love with fashion as you are right now but I want you to continue to have complete faith in the arts. I hope you’ll still be writing and if anything, have more books published. It’s okay, I’m not expecting J.K.Rowling status but if you can write anything that can inspire at least one person, you owe yourself a pat on the back.

I hope you’ll have started a school for the arts for kids. I know you’re a huge advocate for the arts and you want every child to nurture their talent be it in writing, drawing, painting, singing or dancing. With all that you’ve been through, I hope you’ll inspire kids not to give two cahoots about what society thinks.

I hope you’ll get to live on an island at least for a year. You feel the best when you have your feet buried deep in the sand, or when you’re wearing a bathing suit and floating aimlessly on the water. I hope you’ll record all your island memories in writing, not pictures.

I hope you’ll continue to be a filial daughter to your parents. You love them more than anything in the world, and you need to remember to show it to them everyday – despite your busy schedule. I hope you’ll tell them you love them each chance you get and I hope you’ll continue to make them proud. I hope you’ll continue to radiate positivity and faith in the family. I hope you’ll always make time for your friends too – and lend them a listening ear no matter where they may be. Keep them close to your heart, they’re the family you chose.

I don’t know if you’ll be married to K but if you’re not –  remember while you may have a tough facade in public, he is the only one who knows when your world is crumbling. He listens, he loves, and he makes you laugh. Really hard. So if both of you have broken up by the time you’re reading this, say a silent prayer for him and wish him well. He deserves it.

And if both of you are still together, regardless married or not, I hope both of you will continue to bring the best out of each other. Laugh every day with each other. Feed him more. Love him as he is, and give him the support, motivation, and strength even when he doesn’t ask for it. Just, be happy. Always.

That’s all I would ask from you, now, ten years to come, and for as long as you live.


25yo Lils

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Happy Birthday Daddykins!

Last night I had one of the longest days I’ve had in a while. I think people assume when you’re working in fashion, or in a start up, or freelancing, you have it pretty easy. After all, flexible hours, working with social media, and going to gigs – sounds like all fun and no work, right? Well, my mind would like to disagree. After a full day of work, meetings, and hosting a baby shower, I came home last night feeling pooped. I couldn’t switch my mind off so I did the next best thing – took a hot shower, climbed under my covers, and listened to some reliable Norah Jones and Louis Armstrong. 

But before I slept, I called my father to wish him a happy birthday. It’s the big man’s birthday today! Yet, I’m not home to celebrate it with him… again. I’ve made a mental note to return to Kuching in October to celebrate my mother’s and his belated birthday, but since we’re on the topic of my father, just listening to my dad talk to me about having a Thai dinner with my mom and inviting his friends over for karaoke made my day. I was very upset earlier about something very unnecessary but those feelings dissipated after hearing his voice.

These days, my idea of fun is discussing lunch plans with my parents and crawling up to my mother after dinner for cuddles while we watch the telly. I sometimes wonder if this trade off is worth it – to be apart from my parents just to make a decent living? Since dad’s happiness is derived from my achievements, it somewhat comforts me that loving my job makes papa proud. 

I guess there’s no purpose to this blog post other than I miss my family. A lot. If you read this and you still live with your parents, appreciate every moment! Besides the Almighty, their love for you is the only unconditional kind there ever is. Have a good weekend everybody! Try to squeeze some time in with your folks! X 

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A New Chapter

There is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living. – Nelson Mandela 

Feeling settled means a lot of different things to many people. 

Some classify marriage as the ultimate form of settling down while others think buying their first home or having children is a sure indication they’ve established a life for themselves. 

While I’ll love to marry, own a property and have babies one day, my idea of settling down is to build a life doing things I love. 

One of the very few things I love dearly is fashion. If you don’t know why I love it, you might want to read all about it here. 

I’ve always enjoyed dressing up in high school – I even told my mother buying dresses were an “investment” – but it wasn’t till I was in college when I discovered a whole world of designers, fabric, fashion shows, buying, visual merchandising, editorial shoots, trade shows, and a whole lot more. I was fascinated by this new realm, so while many college students traveled during their summer holidays, I knew I wanted to try to get my foot into this world.

I applied for internships, and after being rejected by a couple, I finally got my start as a beauty intern in CLEO magazine. Sure, it wasn’t what I’d hoped since I wanted to be in the fashion department, but I couldn’t have asked for a better beginning. My beauty editor Stephanie (a huge shout out to one of the nicest and most caring editors I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with) trusted me with everything: from interviewing celebrities, deciding and writing my own front of the book pieces, pulling clothes for photo shoots to organizing the beauty closet. I became incredibly busy, but I was already hooked. 

I returned to Syracuse and craved for more experiences. My roommate, Allie, encouraged me to apply for the associate fashion editor position for Zipped, Syracuse University’s only fashion publication. I was nervous (because I applied the previous semester and was rejected) but I tried anyway. It didn’t hit me I had successfully secured the position until I started pulling clothes for the women’s fashion spread. I remember being in a thrift store pulling these vintage sweaters for our fall shoot when I thought, “I know nothing is forever, but my love for fashion is for eternity.” 

I completed my undergraduate classes in Dec 2011 but had another semester before my commencement, which gave me three options: a) to return to Malaysia and skip my ceremony, b) to take up more classes in Syracuse, c) to intern. I said I’d try the third option, but if I wasn’t offered one, I’d return to Malaysia to see my parents. Applying for fashion internships is a nerve wrecking process considering the industry was (and is still) so competitive. I applied EVERYWHERE – from big guns like Vogue and W to boutique fashion PR firms.

A week after classes ended, I packed my bags and moved to New York. I was ready for my adventure as an intern with Zang Toi, a Malaysian fashion designer based in Manhattan. And what an adventure it was – on my first day, I was assigned to pick up diamond earrings and send them to his home where the team was preparing for a fashion shoot. I tucked the jewelry in my bag, and hugged my purse as tight as I could, and rushed to his place – only to discover the shoot was over. The next five months were spent figuring out how the subway worked, visiting fabric stores and taking inspiration trips, working behind the scenes in all his fashion shows, and immersing myself in a world I’ve always dreamed of being a part of. I not only fell head over heels in love with fashion, but with the Big Apple too. I stayed in the crappiest and smallest apartment in New York, but it was the happiest six months of my life and I didn’t want to leave. 

But like all good stuff that comes to an end, I said goodbye to the love of my life and vowed to return. After a year juggling my full time job in Malaysia and writing for a US-based fashion website, I received my acceptance letter to Fashion Institute of Technology. Making the decision to leave the stable life I’d built in KL and go to school was probably the hardest I had to make –  was I willing to give my job, my financial independence, and my relationships up in Malaysia to study fashion abroad? 

I resigned, told my boyfriend he didn’t have to wait for me if he didn’t want to, and left. 

Living in New York with as little money as possible proved to be challenging. But once I was in school, I forgot I had beg bugs in the apartment. I forgot I could only afford to window shop. I forgot my family and friends were a million miles away. I was so absorbed by all the fashion that surrounded me. So I, once again, applied to a million internships and was overjoyed when I had the opportunity to work for Stella McCartney. 

During that time, I trekked to the office in -27C weather and worked 12-13 hours a day including weekends. When I was finally home, I couldn’t even muster the energy to have a meal or call home. Some called me crazy, but this was something I chose to do. Till this day, I’m glad I went through it. The industry may be cutthroat but I’ll fight for what I love. 

After I graduated, I made the painful decision to return home after a year because I didn’t want to depend on my parents for financial support anymore. Coming home, this time round, I was determined to settle down. 

While my peers were getting married and starting a family, all I thought of was my own definition of settling down. 

I began job hunting but all the jobs I applied to didn’t sit right with me. I felt there was a vital aspect missing but I couldn’t pinpoint exactly what it was. 

My prayers were finally answered when a close friend introduced me to a woman who just created her own fashion start up. I had been feeling so uninspired after being in Malaysia, but after one conversation, I knew it was the job for me. 

I initially was concerned about taking a pay cut – after all, living in KL isn’t cheap – but this job isn’t just a job. It’s more than just a career.

It allows me to surround myself with the things I love. It excites me, keep me on my toes, and reminds me that life is an adventure. It will hopefully make me feel like I’ve settled down for good. 

So, to all my blog readers, friends and family, I’m embarking on a new journey with my friend at a new start up called Rent A Dress. The concept is easy  – we are an online portal bringing designer dresses, which you can rent for only a fraction of the price. Below are some of my personal thoughts on Rent A Dress: 

Why rent? Why wear designer? Why choose Rent A Dress? 

  • We are making style accessible to others. We love fashion, and we want everyone to share that love with us. We want to jazz up your regular nights out and we want your special occasions to be even more memorable. If you don’t have the funds or if you have the funds but won’t wear the same dress twice, Rent A Dress offers quality dresses for a small fee. All you have to do is go on our website, browse our selection, pick the dress you want, and check out. We’ll deliver the dress to you and you’ll return it after you wear it. You don’t even have to wash the dress or send it to the cleaners! 
  • When I refer to designer dresses, I’m not just talking Chanel, Fendi, Prada etc. Part of our vision is to educate people on the different designers you may not have heard of. There are loads of designers who spend a lot of time and money searching for the right fabric, designing and making the right dress for your big night. When you wear these dresses, you automatically feel the difference in fabric, cut and fit. We promote designers who are as passionate about providing the best quality for their ladies. Rent A Dress only offers dresses we would personally wear ourselves.
  • I joined Rent A Dress with Shuen (the founder and a superwoman) because we shared the same values. Yes, Rent A Dress is a business, but we treat it more than just a business. We value quality above everything else. Coming from a fashion background, I understand the techniques and processes of making a garment so I can see why designers charge the way they do. I understand most of us (myself included) may not be able to afford those dresses so Rent A Dress is a platform for us to invite you to share that opportunity of dressing up with us. Fashion is all about making you feel your best, and we want to achieve that feeling for you. Every girl, no matter the circumstances, deserves to look and feel her best on any night she pleases.

I would be tremendously grateful for all the support, and if you’re loyal readers of the blog, you’re going to love that I’ll be documenting my journey as well as announcing special promotions and discounts for Rent A Dress on my blog. 

And to my mother, see! Buying dresses can be an investment, after all. 

Thank you everyone, and loads of love XXX 

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The past couple of weeks have been pretty much a blur. After spending much needed quality time with my family and best friends from home, I’ve finally made the big move to KL (hoping this time I will quit my nomadic ways and stick to one place for good.) I’ve tried to blog while I was at home, but found myself spending more time in front of the computer than I’d like so thought I’d postpone updating until I’ve settled down and created new routines in this familiar yet strange city.

I’m still on my quest of exploring KL, and in between that, I’m trying to complete a short story (does 30, 000 words count as short?), attend job interviews, work on my freelance project, finish writing my articles for SPCA, and plan a bunch of amazing pre-wedding shenanigans for my best friend’s big day in September. Phew. I’m exhausted just by reading everything I typed so far. I think now more than ever it just goes to show how important it is to do what you love.

While I’ve been blessed with many opportunities, some haven’t been as fortunate. A few months ago, MH370 made headlines all over the globe. People who hadn’t heard of Malaysia suddenly knew Malaysia was the country who owned the missing aircraft. Two days ago, we were under the spotlight again – this time, one of our aircrafts had been shot down by a missile. In the midst of my grieving, I stumbled upon tweets and Facebook posts by Malaysians who started playing the blame game, sharing conspiracy theories, and expressing their concerns about flying Malaysia Airlines. I couldn’t help but be furious at my own people for being so insensitive and thoughtless. What’s the purpose in all of these unnecessary commentaries?

I look at my people and think: We are Malaysians. We are a family. Why can’t we just put aside how and why the tragedy happened and focus on sending our prayers to the people involved, and for our nation?

My best friend put it ever so eloquently: I don’t know what to make of all the misfortunes except to keep a good faith and believe things will turn around for everyone eventually. Life’s short, please aim for kindness and goodwill.

On a separate note, I’ve been toying with the idea for a while and I think it’s time for me to quit social media altogether. Life’s too short to be constantly on a device. I don’t need to document every thing I eat (although I do love looking at food pictures – they’re the absolute best). I don’t need to tell the whole wide world who doesn’t care what I’m up to. I don’t need to waste my life trying to capture life itself.

If there’s anything MH17 taught me, it is that I need to spend more time with the people I love. I need to pursue my interests without worrying about monetary compensation. I need to read more, write more, laugh more, swim more, pray more, eat more, and basically, soak up the wonders of the world God has so graciously given us.

I will definitely keep this blog (it’s the only space that doesn’t irritate me), but I’ll probably bid farewell to my other social media platforms.

That said, here’s to a more fulfilling tomorrow! X